Birthday Parties

If You Think Your Instructors Are Fun in Class, You Should See Them at a Party!

Running a fun and exciting birthday party for your child by yourself can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when dealing with 20 or more overexcited children.  From worrying about mess to figuring out what to do for entertainment, let’s face it: sometimes birthday parties can be more stress than fun.

We want you to enjoy your child’s birthday just as much as they do.  That is why we offer birthday parties at our school.  We provide the space and entertainment, so you have less to worry about.

Who better to help celebrate your child’s birthday than their favourite instructors at Paragon Martial Arts?

I’m sure you have seen the energy and enthusiasm our instructors put into their karate classes.  Now imagine that energy mixed with the fun and entertainment of a birthday party!  It will be one of the most memorable birthdays your family will ever experience!

Our parties book out several weeks in advance so if you are interested in celebrating your child’s birthday with us, please call 9754 5445 or email us to book your birthday.

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