Karate Adults

Karate can change your life!

Take a break from your everyday life and focus on you!

When was the last time you did something to improve your fitness? When was the last time you boosted your confidence by learning a new skill? When was the last time you felt carefree and had a heap of fun? Many of you might not be able to answer these questions, but the people attending our adults classes can!

Fitness, confidence, stress relief

At Paragon Martial Arts we provide a fun and safe family atmosphere that is ideal for getting and keeping fit (and losing that extra weight!). But karate has something that other fitness programs don’t! It also boosts confidence, relieves stress and develops self defence skills in a fun, exciting and interactive way. The benefits you can expect to see are:

• Improved confidence • Practical self-defence skills
• More energy • More relaxed mental state
• Improved fitness • Improved concentration

By being involved in our program you will also combat:
• Heart disease • Diabetes
• Obesity • The aches and pains of age and inactivity

A healthier, more energetic you!

By improving fitness and body image you will not only be healthier but you will feel more energetic and have more confidence. Karate classes are also very social – you will get to know everyone in your class and will develop strong friendships within this supportive group. The social aspect helps with maintaining motivation and provides extra support in committing to a healthier more energetic you!

All ages, all abilities – for people like you!

When you join the class, you will see that the program caters for all ages (not just the 20-smethings!) and fitness levels. Even though karate is taught in a group environment, it is an individual activity that allows you to go at your own pace.

Quality instruction in a safe, friendly environment
Your safety and satisfaction are our greatest concerns. All classes are taught by highly trained and friendly instructors. The program has been designed by a physiotherapist and your first lesson will help teach you how to avoid injury.

Book your Free Trial Program Now!

Our Karate Adults program will improve your confidence, fitness and much more. To book yourself into our free trial program please follow the link below. But please hurry as classes are filling rapidly!

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