A program for children and teens with additional needs

Does your child have a chance to set and achieve goals? Our Velocity students do! Our Velocity students have the chance to set goals and are then shown how to achieve them.

Self esteem, friendship and exercise – The perfect mix!

Velocity is an inclusive karate program designed to enable children and teens with physical disabilities to exercise and socialise with others in a fun and supportive environment. Velocity develops self-esteem, encourages a commitment to exercise and improves balance, co-ordination, flexibility and strength.

Karate for All Abilities

Velocity classes cater for a range of ability levels and our curriculum is appropriately modified, so Velocity students thrive as they boost their confidence earning new belts. Whether your child uses a manual chair for mobility or walks without aids (or anything in between) the Velocity program is suitable for them.

Gemma has low muscle tone which creates a physical development challenge for her. Before she started at Paragon Martial Arts Gemma had poor balance and fell over a lot. She also had difficulty following instructions in a group situation. This is now Gemma’s second year at Paragon and she loves karate. She is progressing so well; she is learning how to interact more positively with her peers and instructors and her balance has improved immensely. She has also developed more confidence to be in a group without parental assistance. I can recommend Paragon Martial Arts to anyone looking for a karate program for children with extra challenges.”
– Jodi Lister Mother of Gemma

Goal setting for success!

Velocity students have the chance to earn belts, and eventually their Black Belt. They also have the chance to earn trophies and participate in other events. This gives our Velocity students the much needed opportunity to develop their confidence and by achieving small tasks, they soon realise that many of things they once thought were impossible, are not.

Physical improvements while having fun!

The Velocity program offers children and teens the ability to remain physically active and helps them develop their physical skills such as:
• Balance • Muscle control
• Strength • Flexibility
• Co-ordination • and much more!

Book your Free Trial Program Now!

Our Velocity program will improve your child’s confidence, focus, respect and fitness. To book your child into our free trial program please follow the link below. But please hurry as classes are filling rapidly!

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