Ninja Kids

The perfect choice for your Kinder/Early primary child

Give your child a head start in life!

Our exciting Ninja Kids program brings out the best in young children with a perfect blend of fun and learning!

Focus, life skills and co-ordination

Each student is nurtured to develop important life skills like focus, confidence, self-discipline and co-ordination. Each time your child learns a new skill, their confidence will soar. The classes are filled with fun and age-appropriate games and activities specifically designed for our pint-size students!

One of a kind program taught by highly trained instructors

Our one-of-a-kind Ninja Kids classes are fantastic preparation for school. The program develops children in the five key Movement FUNdamentals and teaches important life lessons through a mixture of story and activity. Our team of caring instructors work with each student to help them become focused and attentive. Through their interactions with our instructors and with other students, your child will continue to develop the confidence to excel in their school life.

Book your Free Trial Program Now!

Our Ninja Kids program will improve your child’s confidence, focus, respect, fitness and much more. To book your child into our free trial program please click on the free class button to the right. But please hurry as classes are filling rapidly!

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