Karate Teens

For Children and Teens Aged 10 to 17
Success now and into the future!

The teenage years set the stage for success as a young adult. Our exciting teens program inspires students to be their best! By learning skills for success, our teen students are encouraged and motivated to involve themselves in positive activities. The teenage years can be a challenge, but being involved in our karate teens program helps students stay active, fit, positive and confident through this important phase of their lives. The Karate Teens program provides a stress release from the hectic school program for our students and teaches healthy strategies for dealing with pressure.

The best they can be!

Our teen students are a motivated, friendly and fun group who challenge themselves to be their best at everything they do. They participate in fun and challenging games, karate drills and activities that give them the confidence to know they can succeed. Our program is designed to teach students about the effectiveness of goal setting and gives them practical experience in the application of these important skills. This way our teens become the best they can be!

Practical self-defence for all situations

Throughout the teenage years the struggle for independence is a main feature. As they naturally gain more independence their safety can be a concern. Our Karate Teens program teaches practical self-defence skills that can be applied in any situation. They will also feel more confident in themselves making them less likely to be the target of bullying or other threats to safety.

Friendships and skills that last a lifetime!

As they work towards their next belt (and ultimately towards their Black Belt), teens learn interesting and challenging karate skills as well as the skills for success in life. The way we teach our program encourages the development of tight bonds between students. They not only develop great friendships but learn to support and look out for each other.

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Our Karate Teens program will improve confidence, focus, respect, fitness and much more. To book yourself or your child into our free trial program please follow the link below. But please hurry as classes are filling rapidly!

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