SuperKids on a Zero Bullying Mission

We are so proud of two Superheroes we have the pleasure of knowing as members of the Paragon family. Both of these Superheroes have been victims of Bullying. The bullying has affected both of them in slightly different ways but they have both risen from this experience and are now out crusading against bullying. Yes, they are only primary aged children, but who said you had to be an adult to be agents of social change? These young Superheroes are so determined to make a difference and prevent bullying from hurting other children that they have designed a game they call “Superhero spies”. In this game they pretend they are spies on an adventure to look out for kids who are being bullied and rescue them. Using their Superhero skills, they intervene when they think someone needs help or the hand of friendship in the playground.

This is exactly what we are trying to teach: that the power to deal with bullying comes not just from authorities but from us as a society, from the bystanders willing to step up and say “I Stand Against Bullying”. And not just to say it, but to actually take action! These amazing children are living the last line of our Superhero code: “When I see a wrong… I fix it!”

We are so proud of these amazing Superheroes!

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