Super Fire Safety

Our Superheroes learnt some awesome Super Fire Safety tips from the Belgrave CFA. Check out what they learnt and keep yourself safe!

1. Meet at the letter Box

If there is a fire in your house, meet all your family members at the letter box. Then you will know if anyone is missing. The Fire truck will see you and know quickly that you need help.

2. Stop, Drop and Roll.

Remember if your clothes catch fire, roll on the ground and smother the flames

STOP where you are, as running fans the flames and makes it worse.

DROP to the ground, as flames travel upwards towards the face and hair.

ROLL on the ground with hands covering the face. This protects you from flames and heat by smothering the flames and prevents gases from damaging your eyes and lungs.

3. Don’t Play with matches

Matches are very dangerous. They can burn quickly can burn your fingers and cause fires.

If you find matches or lighters always give them to an adult.

4. Practice your fire plan

Draw a floor plan of your home, this will help you know how to get out of your house in the confusion that can happen in a fire.

Practice at least two ways of getting out of your bedroom./house.

Keep a key in deadlocks while you are in the home.

Don’t waste time getting dressed, leave in the clothes you are wearing .

Crawl low in smoke, the cleanest air is nearest the floor .

5. Dial 000

Dial 000 in an emergency to contact the Fire Brigade, Police and Ambulance. Stay on the line until they tell you it is ok to hang up.

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