The One Rule

So many parents come to us saying how much they love the “One Rule” and how much it has improved home life. This is absolutely awesome and exactly what we want to hear. Here is a little bit of an explanation of what the “One Rule” is.

The “One Rule” is a simple rule that is extremely effective. The simpler rules are, the easier they are to follow. The “One Rule” means that when asking your child to do something you should only ever have to ask them one time. This rule applies to anyone looking after them, so their teachers, parents, grandparents etc. The question to ask to help remind kids this rule is “How many times should I have to ask you before you do what I ask?” Expect a bit of play with this question and go with it.

Rules are always more effective when kids are involved in setting them so rather then telling them this is the rule! Have a conversation and give your child a chance to help set the rule. Ask them if they want to have more fun? Kids just about always say they want to have more fun. Explain that if you only have to ask them one time to do something then it allows more time to have more fun. I have explained this rule thousands of times to Paragon Martial Arts students. One time in particular after one of the parents was struggling with having their child follow the rule, I sat down with the child and talked them through it. I asked the child how ling he thought his Mum spent asking him to do something and he replied 20 minutes. I asked him if he would like to have an extra 20 minutes of fun every day, naturally he replied yes. I told him about following the “One Rule” and he agreed that it would be a great idea. His Mum came back a few days later asking me what I said as he was doing everything the first time but was saying something about “20 minutes”. When we give kids a reason why the rule works in their favour they are much more eager to follow!

If you have any questions about the “One Rule”, or would like to find out more about our classes please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Have an Awesome day!

Sensei Cameron
Paragon Martial Arts

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