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I have just finished chatting with Greg Harbaugh a NASA Astronaut who has flown 4 missions, spent 818 hours in space and 18 and a half hours space walk. Not only has he studied hard but he has also put in the work physically.  He is a living example of what determination can do.  Naturally I had lots of questions about his training and what it was like to be in zero gravity and much more.

I wanted to share with you now one of the questions I asked him. I asked  “What advice would you give to children?” His response (paraphrased) was:

“Do well in school and pursue your dreams. I am living proof that you can dream something at 9 years old and fulfill that dream. Dreams do come true.”

It is great advice!  We ask all our kids to imagine they were a superhero when setting their goals this allows them to dream big.  To often we limit ourselves because we are scared to go after what we truly want.  Take Greg’s advice and use the skills we teach in our programs to unleash your inner Superhero and go out and chase down those crazy dreams, the world will be a better place for it and you will be much happier as well!

Have a super day!


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